About us

We are an Apostolic church, meaning that we teach and practice the teachings of the apostles of Jesus Christ.

The gospel that the apostles taught has not changed in 2000 years. The apostles warned that their gospel should not be added to or subtracted from.

The Vision

To be a modern-day Book of Acts church.

The Book of Acts church was diverse, loving, caring, worshiping, challenging, devoted to the Word, separated for God’s use, and Spirit-Led. It preached an undiluted Gospel. Its mission was to know God and to help others know God.

The Mission

We believe that a church that knows God will carry salvation to the lost, experience spiritual growth, and actively meet the needs of the hurting.

We strive to become this type of church through:

  • Preaching the saving Gospel preached in Acts 2:38.
  • Teaching holiness. (Hebrews 12:14)
  • Engaging in meaningful worship.
  • Building strong relationships through fellowship.
  • Welcoming all races and cultures.
  • Seeking the Gifts of the Spirit and encouraging their operation.
  • Loving those in our community and beyond.
  • Actively making disciples.
  • Being generous givers.
  • Being led by the Spirit.