Ministry Team

Ministry Team



Anthony Daniels (Glenda, Rory, and Anthony)

Anthony has been the lead pastor of Calvary Pentecostal Church since 2014. Before then, he was the associate pastor alongside Pastor Cecil Daniels.

Assistant and Worship Leader


Daniel Wilson (Samantha, Addie, and Auggie – and recently added and not pictured – Nora Jane)

Daniel has been a part of the ministry team at Calvary for 6 years. He works in many capacities including Sunday School Director.

Lead Worship Leader


David Theodos (Stacie, Braedon, Harrison)

David has been in ministry at Calvary for many years. He currently leads worship and helps in teaching and preaching.

Worship Leader


Timothy Daniels (Misti, Emerson, and BrookLyn)

Timothy has been a part of Calvary for many years. He worked alongside the founding pastor and continues to teach and lead services.

Founding Pastor - Cecil and Laura Daniels