Introspection on the Word

theword1-250x250It can be wonderful, a little surprising, and somewhat unsettling when the Word of God hits home. It can drive someone to their knees and bring tears to their eyes and sometimes (maybe it’s rare) it can physically unsettle a person.
I almost always have a reaction to the Word.

Sometimes I have a reaction even when I am not reading it or hearing it. I sat on my couch the other day and looked at my coffee table where two Bibles sit…I cannot explain adequately what I feel , but it is as if there is a string attached from the Bible’s spine to my chest and there is a strong, almost uncontrollable urge to read and study and find out more about the words that were written to me!
I love the Word of God!
At other times I am taken off guard by the negative reaction people have to hearing the Word. I have seen people get angry and want to fight, among other things. The most disturbing reaction I have seen though is how some who hear are driven to restlessnes and distraction. To some there is an immediate wall erected and I can feel a negative push and urgency in my spirit. I have seen this a few times recently. It bothers me.

Don’t forget what the Bible is! God’s love letters and instructions to you. Dont forget it’s power! It can help bring salvation, deliverance, peace, etc.!
Study your own reaction to the Words of God. Do you become unsettled or convicted? Does it drive you to study and learn more about Jesus? Does it make you want to change? Do you feel the rush of love from the Creator? Or does it make you angry and unsettled?

Food for thought…