Move Over Youth Group

Pre-Teens, Tweens, Preens, YoYos (YOunger YOuth) – yes our newest group, ages 9-12, is trying to find a name for ourselves.  But whatever the name you better believe we plan on making our mark.  Our first get together was in July 2012.  We visited Shreveport’s Jubilee Zoo.  Check out some of our pictures in the gallery.  We had a great time petting animals, riding on the safari hay ride, riding the ponies, and jumping in the bounce houses.  We were able to milk a goat, many of us for the first time ever.  We had duck races, got a few fingers nibbled, and even managed to rescue a hurt butterfly.  I would say our first adventure was quite the success.

For our second get together, we decided to end the lazy days of Summer with a heated game of kickball in early August.  Heated was the right word!  We were burning up and exhausted after just a few rounds.  So we did what anyone would do.  We brought the party inside.  We cooled off with popsicles in our new Sunday School building, then had a ping pong tournament, and then ended the night with some challenging games of 4-square.  Cheyenne had the mojo going for a while and was King for a while but it wasn’t long until Bro. John dethroned her, umm with a little help from Tyler maybe.  But we girls decided to stick together.  Colleen and Jordyn gave Avery a few tips and it wasn’t long until Bro. John lost his throne.  Of course since I’m writing this it wouldn’t be fair to tell everyone that Sis. Niki was probably the longest reigning 4-square Kind.  You’ll just have to join us sometime and see for yourself.

But don’t get me wrong, we’re not just fun and games.  Oh sure we love to have a good time, but while we were cooling off with popsicles we took the opportunity to discuss future events.  The group gave some great ideas of places we want to go for fun, but they also gave great ideas of things they want to do for the Lord.  Some of the things we have in mind include cleaning the church, visiting nursing homes, working in the community, and coming together on Sunday nights at the altar for unified prayer.  I’m looking forward to what God has in store for this group.  Be sure to check back often to see upcoming events.