Toothache > Love

This one is comin’ atcha from my phone…it’s gonna be short if not sweet.

I heard alot of talk about Sigmond Freud in college. I have to admit that most of it sounded a little crazy to me. I don’t believe that sexuality is at the root of everything. Though for some people it is.
He has been quoted as saying that “It is impossible for a man to have a toothache and be in love.” This makes sense in a very simple way. If you have ever had a toothache or the flu (of which I am currently suffering) etc. this will start to seem possible.

Let me say that I haven’t lost any love in the throws of the flu, but it sure clouds everything! Sometimes pain easily overruns our temporary “loves” but, in the midst of trials, our True Loves take on a different feel.

Many of you know that I have a 6 month old baby girl. Man, I love her! And I can’t touch her, or comfort her, or even help her without risking her contracting the flu. I sanitized my hands and face today and tied a t-shirt around my face (a la bank-robbery style) and put socks over my hands just to touch her for a few fleeting seconds. It didn’t fulfill the need for interaction with my daughter!(though it did scare my wife when I entered the room. Fun!!!) It is difficult to say the least. What becomes apparent is that her well being quickly outweighs my desire.

Our love for Jesus should rival that type of emotion! And I know from His Word that His Love far surpasses our own!
In sickness and Heath, He is our source! And though this world we live in contains evil beyond measure… Jesus Christ loves you with a love that cannot be derailed!

– Bro. Andy